Known for being fierce warriors, the Vikings were also a hospitable lot looking for any excuse to honour or celebrate a person, a guest, their gods or an event by means of a glorious feast.

The Old-Norse word for such a feast was “Veizla”(pronounced Vee-slah). For a table to endure these Veizlas, it had to be incredibly strong and perfectly sturdy – construction was the key.

Today’s feasts may not often be as loud and rowdy as in Viking times… Still, it is peace of mind knowing your table will last the rough and tumble of everyday life, be highly practical, as well as forever looking stunningly beautiful!

Width 750 mm
Length 750mm
Height 540 mm

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All prices including VAT @ 23%
All materials from sustainable and certified sources
Other widths/lengths and fabrics available on request – Please consult your Veizla® representative
Due to the fact that the Veizla® range is handmade from solid natural materials, minor colour and grain
structure variations in the individual furniture pieces can occur. This only adds to the beauty and
uniqueness of the Veizla® range and is not considered a manufacturing fault or defect.

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Wood Type

Ash, Cherry, Mahogony, Oak, Teak, Walnut, Wenge